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Testimonial: Mick Maxey

"A sense of familiarity & fun"

My mom loved casinos—that was her thing. When she moved in here we thought, “Let’s try to do something for everyone that has a sense of familiarity and fun, not just for mom but for her new friends as well.” And so we started casino night. Mom’s gone now, but we kept it going. And we still have our regulars here that date back to the very first blackjack game!

Our Lion’s Club helps out with activities. We take residents’ food orders and cater to them all night. They love it, but I’m inclined to believe we love it just a little bit more! You get to know their life stories and their families and they get to know yours. Best of all, many of them still remember my mom.

Mick Maxey

Catholic Eldercare Volunteer

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