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Ways to Connect and Have Fun


Valentine’s Day is a traditional holiday for celebrating love and connecting with one another. Science has shown that staying connected enables us to thrive. Long before ‘social distancing’ became routine, many people preferred celebrating Valentine’s Day away from the bustle of crowds, sharing the day with someone special. Here are some ways you might safely and joyfully celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 while still meaningfully connecting with others.

Hold an On-line Film Festival

Queue up a couple of your favorite films. Grab some tasty snacks and settle in with your Valentine for a cozy movie marathon at home. Invite friends from a distance to simultaneously watch the films using smart phones, Zoom, or video calls. You’re not in a theater so feel free to comment out loud, say the best lines together, laugh as much as you want!

Create an Art Project

Pull together an assortment of art materials and ease into painting, drawing, or coloring without worrying if you are artists or not. There are many coloring books available for purchase and an abundance of free sheets on-line that you can print and use. Time spent expressing yourself visually through lines, shapes, and color is known to be stress-relieving. Make artwork together, side-by-side or share it by completing a piece that your Valentine begins. You can even do this through the mail.  Keep it going back and forth for as long as you’d like. This is an especially fun thing to do with grandchildren.

Send a Home-made Card or Handwritten Letter

Nothing beats receiving a handwritten letter or card in your mailbox. Take some time to reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a long time by writing a few lines and send it off in a stamped envelope. The surprise will delight them and maybe you’ll have the pleasure of a card in return. Consider writing a heartfelt note to someone nearby (even someone who lives with you). If the thought of writing a lot is holding you back, send a postcard that only has room a sentence or two.

The Way to A Person’s Heart is Through Their Tummy

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with food. Prepare something together you’ve always wanted to try, a dessert, a new recipe, or an entire meal.  Put on some music that might inspire a little dancing or spark some good memories. Make extra and drop a meal off at a neighbor’s or friend’s home. And remember as Charles Schultz said, ‘All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.’

Treat Yourself Too

Last, but not least, if you’ve got something special you’ve kept on your own wish list, treat yourself. Valentine’s Day is also about connecting with yourself. Go buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers. Listen to your favorite music.  Walk or stand outside and breathe in some fresh air. You are a wonderful human being.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Catholic Eldercare.