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A Look at December

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December is known for many things; it is the first month of winter in the northern hemisphere and beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere.  It is the twelfth and last month of the Gregorian calendar and the last month that has 31 days.

December is also the month that marks several renewal and spiritual celebrations world-wide some of which are these; Christians celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas Day, and Three Kings Day/Epiphany.  Latino communities celebrate the Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jewish communities around the world celebrate HanukkahBoxing Day, the Yule, and December Solstice are observed throughout the world during December.  And in the United States, Kwanza is widely celebrated in African American communities.

What do these celebrations have in common?  They bring families and friends together, they promote goodwill, compassion, and the gift of sharing.  Often, they include the giving of gifts and parties, and in many celebrations, reflection, prayer, and song are an integral part of the rituals practiced. 

May you enjoy the richness of December for all the goodwill, compassion and sharing this month brings us.