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How to Bond with Your Loved One’s Care Team


Moving a loved one into a new community can be an emotional experience. We understand this new transition is not only life changing for your aging loved one, but for you as well. Ease your worries by getting to know the people who provide the care, housing, and services needed by older adults to continue living fully with dignity. Get the conversation started with these easy tips: 

  • Introduce Yourself: Seems simple enough, right? It’s so simple that it can be easily overlooked. While you’re trying to navigate the move and all the details that go along with it, it’s easy to get consumed in the details. Just remember, it’s never too late to introduce yourself to the staff or other community members.
  • Ask Questions: Learn about each person’s role in the community. Ask them what area they specialize in, how they got started in caregiving, how long they’ve been working in the community, or which days they work. Also, encourage team members to reach out to you with any questions or concerns.
  • Communicate: Communication is crucial. Keep everyone in the loop by communicating regularly with your loved one’s care team. It can be through email, phone calls, or frequent visits. If you notice any changes in your loved one’s behavior, make sure you notify the care team. It’s imperative to stay on top of any changes that occur in case adjustments need to be made to your loved one’s care routine. Share information regarding their interests and life story. It can be anything from hobbies and activities they enjoy to food preferences—every detail matters. The more you interact and communicate with your loved one’s care team, the better they can understand the person they are caring for.

At Catholic Eldercare, we love meeting new people and we look forward to connecting with each resident, their family, and friends. Our nurses, physical therapists, home health aides, activities specialists, and everyone in between, play a vital role in the Catholic Eldercare community. We are committed to providing our residents with a caring atmosphere where seniors of all faiths receive the support, respect and spiritual enrichment they need to live life to the fullest. To learn more about our communities, please contact Robin Haenze at rhaenze@catholiceldercare.org or 612-605-2515.