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Testimonial: Renee McHugh

"You have to dig deeper"

One of the things I love about working at Catholic Eldercare is that management is always right here to listen. When we want to provide unique experiences or new therapies for our clients, they make it happen.

So many places still don’t go beyond Bingo and Bible study. Those are popular, but you have to dig deeper. We have residents of all ages, different needs and abilities. To meet their needs, you have to be more individualized, and Catholic Eldercare lets us do that.

I’m able to provide healing touch and aroma therapy. I can bring in the Como Zoo penguins. Or a rock band. Whether it’s food activities, art activities, music—we’re there to provide that for them, to really help our clients enjoy life and continue to thrive.

Renee McHugh

Former Therapeutic Recreation Director at Catholic Eldercare

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