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President's Luncheon Recap: Exploring the Realities of ‘Caring for Mom & Dad’

Over eighty close friends and supporters joined us for our annual President’s Luncheon, held at the Minneapolis Event Centers on May 9th. 

Larkin.pngGuest speaker Larkin McPhee, the writer, producer, and director of PBS documentary “Caring for Mom & Dad” explored the emotional, health, and financial challenges that family members face when caring for their aging parents, sharing the ways in which Minnesota families are coping.

More than 65 million caregivers - nearly a third of all US households - are caring for aging parents. As Americans’ average life expectancy creeps ever upward, the need for family members to step in and take care of their aging loved ones will only increase. Your generous support helps us provide relief and help ‘lighten the load’ for caregivers and their aging parents. 

Clips of the impactful documentary aired throughout the hour. The Meryl Streep-narrated, hour-long film tells the stories of eight families feeling the stress of juggling families, careers, and aging parents. It can be viewed at: pbs.org/wgbh/caringformomanddad. 


The topic stirred up a lot of conversation, with several attendees asking questions or engaging in discussion. For those who weren’t able to attend but are interested in learning more about the resources available in your caregiving journey, we encourage you to browse our repository of links or contact us at 612.379.1370.

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s luncheon event, and a special thank you to all of our donors who made it all possible. ‘Til next year!