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For Families

Family Events and Resources

You are invited to Family Council Meetings

Albert J Hofstede Care Center Family Council meetings are held 2 times a year in a virtual format using Microsoft Teams.   Please contact Lora Lallak for more information or to answer questions. 612–362–2452

Assisted Living Family Council meetings are held 2 times per year in person. Please contact Stephanie Capelle for more  information or to answer questions. 612–362–2477


Respite Suite Available at RiverVillage East




Resident Centered Care

Catholic Eldercare is a participant in a Resident Centered Behavioral Health program led by our Medical Director, Simon Mittal.  This program has produced educational family videos, four of which are below.  To view click on any highlighted button.

Helping Your Loved One Through the Holidays

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When Your Family Member Wants to Go Home

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Transitioning Into a Skilled Care Facility

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When Family Visits are Restricted

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