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Positive Effects of Spending Time in Nature

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It is Fall once again. In Minnesota that means cooler temperatures, fewer daylight hours, and lots of beautiful color in the trees; a perfect time to put on a jacket or sweater and step outdoors to enjoy some fresh air.

Spending time in nature has proven benefits for people of all ages. Not only will it make you feel good, it will improve your overall health. Tap into the healthful benefits no matter where you live. Here are a few ways to experience the positive effects of the outdoors.

  • Go for a stroll. Powerwalk, if you choose. Breathe in crisp air. Exhale slowly. Improve your circulation and flexibility while releasing stress.
  • Find a sunny spot in your yard or at a park. Enjoy some time of stillness soaking up the warmth of the autumn sunshine. Reduce any tension you may be feeling.
  • Outdoor farmers markets are still in swing and the harvests are bountiful. Fresh foods will delight both your taste buds and your eyes. Improve your nutrition and boost your mood with the abundance of colorful food.
  • Tend to a garden of your own and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own food plus the additional body-benefits that will come from stretching and lifting.

Unable to be outside? Here are a few ideas for enjoying nature indoors.

  • Crack open a window or two in your home and let the fresh air come to you. Let the clean air renew your energy.
  • Look to the night sky. How many stars are sparkling? What phase is the moon in? Rest your body during this quiet time and enjoy better sleep.
  • Look for signs of the season through a nearby window. See leaves showing new colors and fluttering to the ground, squirrels preparing for winter, or geese flying in a V on their migration. The rhythm of the seasons brings a familiar assortment of sights and sounds back around again. The variety and predictability stimulate memories.
  • Puzzles, TV programs, photographs, and art with nature themes are readily available and provide some of the same benefits as being in the outdoors. Look to these for improving the mind and sense of joy or to ease tension while indoors.
  • Keep plants in your home. The quality of air will increase and the year-round greenery adds an enjoyable element to your space, especially during the wintertime.

At Catholic Eldercare, we offer residents many opportunities to enjoy the positive effects of time with nature. To learn more about our communities, our beautiful green spaces, and our variety of programs, please call us at 612-605-2515. We look forward to assisting you.