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Benefits of Music Therapy

When you’re having a bad day, how do you try and turn it around? Some people exercise, some people talk it out and some people turn on their favorite song. Music therapy has been found to improve people’s overall health and wellness.

There are many benefits of music for all ages, but there are exciting ways music has the ability to change the lives of those in our care. So, why not try and incorporate this into the lives of loved ones? See below for 5 benefits of music: 

Reduces stress:

Moving into a new community can sometimes be a tough transition. It can lead to feeling overwhelmed or anxious. However, music therapy can help relieve stress. Through personally meaningful songs or soothing songs, music can help increase relaxation and reduce agitation.

Improves memory:

One of the most impressive benefits of listening to music is the improvement in memory. It is easier for someone to access the memory of a melody than recall a person’s name or past event, according to AgingCare. Music can help people travel back in time and remember some of their fondest memories.

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Encourages socializing:

Listening to music can inspire bonding between loved ones and their nurses or caregivers. Reducing the feeling of isolation is a very important part of communities and music therapy provides a great way to encourage socialization with others.  

Inspires movement:

Have you ever turned on your favorite song and realize it’s almost harder to not move than it is to? Happy and upbeat music encourages movement and dancing. This can be a great alternative to physical activity, especially if a person is having a hard time finding a physical activity they like participating in.

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Attitude changes:

Music therapy has many benefits including the four mentioned above. With all of those changes, it is obvious the attitude of a person will also change. When a person moves more often, begins to recall memories they thought were lost and starts socializing, it will be a natural mood-booster.

Music therapy can benefit people of all ages but has been seen to be extremely helpful for those in our care. Let the music change your loved one, one beat at a time.