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Tech Tools for Seniors


More and more seniors are embracing technology today. Not only is tech fun, but there are so many helpful tools. For example, social isolation is a real danger for many seniors. As friends and family move away, staying connected in the traditional sense, can become more difficult. Technology can help seniors maintain that social connection and provide them with other solutions to help make life easier and healthier.

Tablets & Smartphones

Tablets and smartphones are sleek, light, and easy to use. These devices allow seniors the ability to connect with friends and family through email, video chat, and social media. Looking for something to keep your brain sharp? Browse the ever expanding list of games available for your device. Love reading? Download the latest must read within seconds to your device. Having trouble reading the text? Tablets and smartphones can make reading easier with it’s adjustable brightness and font size. You can learn a new language, stream your favorite movie, listen to music and more—the possibilities can be endless. 


Do you often forget where you left things? Perhaps your keys, phone, or maybe your wallet? Tiles are a great solution for locating lost items. How does it work? First, download the Tile app on your smartphone. Then, slip a Tile into your wallet or attach it to whatever you tend to lose track of on a daily basis. Looking for your keys? Open up the app on your smartphone, click “find” under the item you lost, and it will play a tune to help you find your keys. Lose your phone? Press the button on your Tile 2-times and your phone will start ringing so you can locate it, even if it’s on silent. 

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers are a great way to stay on top of your health and wellness. It can be a simple device that just tracks your steps (a pedometer) or something more high tech like a Fitbit or Apple Watch. Feel your motivation soar when you track your steps and reflect on the distance you’ve walked at the end of the day. Many high-tech options have more tools available like: medication alerts, heart rate monitor, and GPS technology. The GPS technology can be incredibly helpful. It can help seniors navigate to and from their destination or be found by a concerned relative or friend. 

Technology Helps Improve Quality Of Care

Technology has provided many communities, like Catholic Eldercare’s, with the tools we need to improve quality of care as well as quality of life. Tools like electronic health records, advanced telehealth services, medication tracking systems and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) help communities add an extra layer of safety and security. To learn more about our communities, please call us at 612-605-2515. We look forward to assisting you. 

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