Nurturing Life's Ageless Spirit.

Recognizing our Caregivers

Staff make all the difference in the world. The staff that we look for at Catholic Eldercare are those that have a commitment to the value of simply being kind and compassionate to those around them.

One of the themes at Catholic Eldercare is small steps, big strides. Everything starts with small steps and the aggregate of many small steps makes for a large impact.

Whether that small step is reading a senior a book or bringing them coffee, these small acts of kindness grow together to create a large, positive impact on the lives of our community.

We encourage staff to appreciate the fact that they are one of a larger number all making a significant contribution to someone in our care every day.

Mary Dymanyk, an assisted living resident said, “My favorite nurse is Nicole. … She’s so kind and you can call her anytime and she will come up and see you or you can go down to her office and see her down there.”

In response, Nicole Frounfelter, an assisted living nurse, said, “We have a very close relationship. She has gone through a lot of health changes, especially in the past year, and I think having that trust in me to help her through that has drawn us closer together. I know one thing I really enjoy, especially when it’s meal times, at least once a day, we’re walking through and we see everybody and just saying hi to each client really helps them to get to know us as well. 

Catholic Eldercare’s core values include treating elders of all faiths as they wish to be treated, providing care in the least restrictive setting possible, respecting what each individual considers important, and planning creatively to meet the growing need for affordable elder housing.

We asked a few of our caregivers, nurses and staff just what about Catholic Eldercare and the residents that they like so much. Let us recognize these members of our staff below:

Marilyn has been with Catholic Eldercare for 19 years. She is a clinical instructor. In addition, her mother-in-law was a patient here for two different periods of time.

“Well, I like interacting with the people and making those relationships, because it is more of a long-term kind of setting. We get to know people pretty well, and so you can see people for a longer period of time and really get to know them a little bit better, and it's fun and also our staff stay for long periods of time and so we really get to know each other and it becomes more of a family than just acquaintances or co-workers or clients, they are people that you really build relationships with.”

Kola has been with Catholic Eldercare for 14 years as a registered nurse manager on the second floor.

“My office is open to everybody, so everybody come in. … If there is something I cannot solve for them, I refer them to whoever they can go to and they are happy. … My goal is that I don’t want anybody coming into my office and go with – without happiness; I want everybody to come in and leave with happiness.”

Nicole has been with Catholic Eldercare for a little over three years as a nurse.

“I have a lot of them. I guess I would say – I would say each client that lives here, that there is always something special about them that drives me to them, so I feel like I have, you know, something special to share with them, for each person that lives here.”

At Catholic Eldercare, employees fill many vital roles in the lives of residents and clients. Our talented staff include positions such as; nurses, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, social workers, activities specialists, pastoral care specialists, physical therapists, maintenance workers, housekeepers, and culinary workers.

If you would like to join the team at Catholic Eldercare, apply to an open position today!