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Testimonial: Bill Pilacinski

"Another home for my family"

My aunt and uncle belonged to St. Anthony Parish and many of my cousins went to St. Anthony High school. So I’ve been aware of Catholic Eldercare since it has existed. But I learned more about it when my stepfather became confined to a wheelchair.

It was difficult for him because he had been a real active man. But it was hard for my mother too, because she was at home with him. Then she found out about Eldercare’s Adult Day program. We came here with them sometimes and saw how it changed his life—and my mother’s life with him. My mother-in-law also lived at The Lodge, and Catholic Eldercare soon became our broad family focus area. This is where we would all meet for Christmas parties and have Sunday dinners in the big dining room. We have so many connections, it’s almost another home for my family, it really is.

Bill Pilacinski

Family Member of Residents

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