2012-2013 Complete Donor Listing

Annual Fund

Gifts and Pledges $25,000 - $49,999

Charity Inc.


Gifts and Pledges $10,000 - $29,999

Anonymous (1)
John F. and Clara Dolan Foundation

Helene A. Houle
Jack Spillane, Jr.

Gifts and Pledges $5,000 - $9,999

Michael and Margaret Albers
Anonymous (1)
Peter and Diane Donnino Family Fund
 of the National Philanthropic Trust
The Janice Gardner Foundation
Thomas and Sandra Glodek

Lions Club of Northeast Minneapolis
Mercy Missionaries
The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc.
Ralph and Grace Strangis
Debbie and Paul Woodward

Gifts and Pledges $1,000 - $4,999

BDH and Young Space Design
Thomas and Margaret Beck
Deborah and Brian Brattlof
Mary and Frank Broderick
Lisa Burns
John and Veronica Commers
Corporate Health Systems
Terence and Judith Doyle
Dunn Environmental, Inc.
Michael Ellingsworth
Exchange Club of East Minneapolis
Frana Companies
Gilligan Foundation
GLT Architects
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Hilltop Trailer Sales, Inc.
Albert and Kimberly Hofstede, Jr.
John and Sally Hovanec
Mary D. Hungate Estate
Hunstiger Family Trust
Infinity Direct Inc.
Phillip Jares and Mark Hager
Daniel and Dianne Johnson
Lynne Johnston
Patricia and William Kelly
Ruth Kildow
Barbara and Walter Kozmik
Tim and Cheryl Krause
John and Mary Anne Mauriel
 Charitable Fund

Andrea and Larry McGough Donor Advised
 Fund of Catholic Community Foundation
Sue and Tom McGuire
McKesson Medical-Surgical
 Minnesota Supply
Morgan Stanley (The Pohlen Group)
James Murzyn
Jim and Cheryle Nesser
Northeast Bank
Carolyn E. Olson
William R. and Eleanore V. Pederson
Premier Banks
Razoo Foundation
Schechter Dokken Katner
Charles and Yvonne Selcer
Luella L. Simon
Joseph T. Siwek
Kristine Smyth
Michael and Marilyn Smyth
Bob and Patti Spinner
Joseph D. and Pamela Trongard Strauss
Nancy and Joe Utoft
Wells Fargo Business Banking
Wells Fargo Private Banking
Sandi Westberg
Jack and Jane Whiteford
Roy Witz
Xcel Energy Foundation

Gifts and Pledges $100 - $999

Ron and Karla Ackerman
Carol Allen
Renee Ambrosia
Ameriprise Financial Employee
  Gift Matching Program
Ameriprise Financial Employee
  Giving Campaign
Joanne and Duane Anders
Gwendolyn Anderson
Thomas R. Anderson and Mary Jo Rolek
Anonymous (13)
Ron and Jerri Barker
Fr. John M. Bauer
Andrew and Patricia Bednarczyk
John and Patricia Belian
James J. Bendel
Richard and Kay Bendel
James and Arlene Bernstein
Judith J. Bertrand
Emilia Biernat
Joe and Sheila Biernat
Nancy Bonanno
Tom and Jody Bordwell
Sue, Mike and Tom Borries
Virginia Braun
Victor and Lorraine Brenk
Dorothy A. Breza
William and Ruth Brombach
Kara Browdy
Marilyn E. Brown
William J. Bruneau
Leroy Budde
Elizabeth Bullock
Mary and Dave Burke
Patty and Timothy Cain
Thomas and M. Jean Cain
Janet M. Carlson
John and Janice Carlson
Karen and Richard Carney
Daniel G. Carter
William and Michele Caulfield
Joseph Cavaleri
Betty Chorzempa
Frances Chorzempa
Fritz and Dolores Christensen
Thomas Clower
Andrea and Richard Cottrell
Joan Crawford-Dietsch
Barbara K. Curtis
Helen D'Andrea
Bud Dauphin and Marcia Schaaf
James DeMay
Mark and Molly Druffner
Patricia B. Dufort
Vivianne Dumas
Nancy Duncan
Mary Elizabeth Dunn, MD
Dusty's, Inc.
Kari Dziedzic
Walt and Pat Dziedzic
Robert and Phyllis Eibensteiner
Jane A. Elsen
Karen Erickson
Jerry Evans
Judy and Richard Fehn
Terry and Eugene Fink
Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation
Chris and Beth Fitzmorris
Robert and Marcia Fjerstad
Pamela Flenniken
Jeannette Foley
Dan and Carol Forby
Mary Forby
Thomas and Judith Foy
Nowell Francis-Hodnett
Amelia Haik Gallagher
Ann M. Gallagher
Joseph J. Gallick
Kenneth and Marion Geason
Terry and Mike Giel
Richard and Cathleen Giertsen
Mary Rose Goetz
Mark and Patricia Gorman
Daniel and Shirley Gourde
Shirley T. Graczyk
Jean and Bert Greener
Richard Haag
Gary Haider
Albert and Colleen Haik
Louis Haik
Dr. Anna T. Hampel
Robert Hanlon
The Hannah Family
Mary P. Hanson
Henry and Ellen Hanten
Robert and Lisa Hanten
Joanne Hart
Lynne Heidelbauer
Walt and Karen Henderson
Michael J. Henley and Randi S. N. Yoder
Howard and Mary Ann Hinnerichs
John and Judith Hitchens
Ralph Hitchens
Diane and Tony Hofstede
Jocelyn Hovanec and Duff Watson
Jay and Denise Huisken
Harriet Hunstiger Campbell
Mike and Rosemary Husby
Bernard and Rosamond Jacob
Tony and Betsy Jaros, Jr.
Judith and Randy Jenniges
Mark R. Johnson
Duane G. and Barbara A. Johnson
JPMorgan Chase & Co Employee
  Giving Campaign
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Karen and George Kaczor
Jane Kibler
Kim and Warren King
Lynn J. Kjorstad
Helen Klaers Bentrud
Bud and Milie Klein
Kenneth and Anne Knutson
Ray and DeAnne Kocon
Carol L. Korogi-Reeves
Mike Kraft
Louise Kramer
June Kroening
Sally V. Krusell
Larry and Carolyn Kuechle
Judtih Kugel
John Kundla
Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians,
  Hennepin County Division 9
Roger and Jeanne LaLiberty -
  Books Are Fun
Joseph Lampe and Ernee McArthur
Land Title, Inc
Dave and Janis Langsdale
Barry and Barb Lieske
Sandra Lindberg
Gerald and Kathleen Ludke
Nancy and Dennis Lundberg

Nancy and Dennis Lundberg
Sandra Lindberg
Gerald and Kathleen Ludke
Nancy and Dennis Lundberg
Eric and Barbara Lunde
Tom and Arlene Madden
James R. Marino
Marie and Louis Marino
Cecelia A. Marrin
Marcella Martodam
Patricia McCauley
John E. and Janice M. McCauley
Eileen C. McCormack
Mary and Michael McDermott
James and Susan McGovern
Doug and Joyce McIntosh
Eileene B. McKee
McNallan Office Systems, Inc.
Helen McNulty
Jeanne Melsha
Brenda Michnowski
Gail Mikolich
Kathleen and Willard Miller
Ray Mlinar
Sherilyn Moe
John and Marlene Moffat
James Moore and Barb Sitzman
Kathryn Mortensen
Audrey Murzyn
Gerald and Monica Myos
National Purity, LLC
Sigrid Nelson
D. and M. Nelson
Laurence J. Niederhofer
Edmund and Betty Nightingale
Bruce Nolan
Nancy and Daniel Novack
Bill and Sharon O'Brien
Darlene and Gerald Olson
Omnicare Care Alliance
Angela O'Neill
Carol Osip
Mary Claire Owen
Andrew S. Pappas
Marie Patterson
Dick Pearo
Mary M. Pearo
Maureen and Gerald Pearo
Joyce A. Penske
Denise and John Perhay
Leonard Peterson
Russell and Ann Peterson
Bishop Lee Piche
William and Margaret Pilacinski
Jeffrey and Emily Piper
Lawrence and Judith Pohlen
Lorraine Pohlen
Elizabeth Polakowski
Jim Polakowski
Gary Quam
Mary Rainville
Michael and Darcel Rainville
Michael Ramolae
Belva D. Rasmussen
Kathleen M. Ratican
John and Sue Rau
Donald and Jean Regan
John and Julee Rimarcik
The Children of David and Phillis Robinson
Mary and Steve Robinson
John and Rev. Marion Rova
Louis and Pauline Roy
Mary Jo and Duane Russ
Jerome and Rita Ryan
Mary Catherine Ryan
Kevin and Jennifer Rymanowski
Saint Therese New Hope
Dr. John and Dolores Salchert
Roger and Irma Scherer
Martin Schneider and Janet Schaefer
Barbara Schramm
Jeff and Lori Schrempp
Marcia Schug
Ronald and Mary Schuster
Rev. Donald Schwalm
Cheri Shakiban
Mary Sharkey
Lorraine A. Sitarz
Siwek Lumber and Millwork, Inc.
Pat Siwek Murzyn
Carol Skradski
Judith Smekta Pettit
Mary Smith
Peter and Barbara Smyth
Suzanne J. Snyder
Michael and Eleanor Solonynka
Cynthia J. Spiczka
Lindsey Spiczka
Sean and Debra Spillane
Marlys Sporny
St. Anthony West Neighborhood
Lynne St. John
Greg and Bonnie Stasik
Pat Stebe
Richard and Helen Steffens
Mark and Lynette Stenglein
Jim Storm
Strauss Management Company
Mark and Joan Strobel
Elaine Strohfus
JoAnne Student
Scott and Sandy Summerfield
Kay Sverkerson
Harold and Ione Swanson
SYSCO Food Services of Minnesota
The GE Foundation
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Loretta M. Thielen
Michael Thielen
Thomas and Candice Tobias
Robert and Patricia Traczyk
Don and Dee Traxler
TruEfficiency Inc.
Richard and Sharon Turgeon
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
Kathleen Urbaniak
Lores Vlaminck
Jon Voltz
Nancy Wadsten
Donna M. Walicki
Dr. and Mrs. Walter S. Warpeha, Jr.
Joe and Char Wentzell
Cindy and Michael Wiese
Wingate Communications Group, Inc.,
 John and Lynae Wingate
John and Jane Wlazlo
Arnold and Debbie Wright
Betty Wright
Xcel Energy Foundation Match Program
Kathy Young
Jim and Ann Marie Zellmer
Patrick and Gwendolen Zeman

Gifts and Pledges $1 - $99

Bonnie Aanestad
Linda Anderson
Anonymous (14)
Rick and Kathleen Armagost
Maribeth Baldinelli
Floro and Estrella Basuil
Marion Bauer
Libby Bauman
Becky Meierhofer Insurance Agency, Inc.
Richard and Carole Beggs
Judy and John Benkufsky
Linda L. Bennett
Dawn Berg
Olga Berkovskaya
Dolores Bertram
Phyllis J. Birch
Mike Birosh
Lisa Bissen
Bill and Wendy Blackburn
Joseph and Laurie Blais
Dorothy Boe
Joann Bolster
Madonna Bonk
Francis and Carol Borman
Peter and Linda Borman
Wayne and Carla Brademan
Laura Braun
Sheryl Brown
Carol Bruneau-Malson
Vickie Burns
Ann M. Buszta
Diane Calistro
Arthur F. Calvert
Janet M. Campbell
Shirley and Raymond Caputa
Renny Cassidy
Louise Chalupsky
Jan and Tom Chlebeck
Christ the King Church
 Council Of Catholic Women
Josephine Cizek
Sam and Barbara Clark
Jane K. Clifford
Evon Collins
Patricia Connors
Barbara Conroy
Bonnie Conroy
Rita Cooper
Laura J. Cremisino
Richard and Ellen Crichton
Darryl and Betty Crossman
Alice Dahl
Corey Dahlstrand
Veronica Daniels
Marjorie and Roger Danielski
John and Susan Derus
John and Sandra Dimond
Renee Doering GNP
David and Catherine Dooley
Mary Jane Dorr
Mark and Barbara Durenberger
Verlan and Mary Edwards
Michael and Karin Egeland
Avalon Eiden
Elsie Elliott
Lisa Elliott
Sharon Engebretson
Julie English
Ellen Ess
Shirley E. Fenn
Charles and Susan Fenton
FIL Minnesota Seniors
Veronica Fitzgerald
John and Vicki Flannigan
Robert and Lori Fleming
Geraldine Ford
James M. Fournier
Roger and Janice Frakie
Sharon Frankenfield
Carla and Peter Frantz
MaryRose Frericks
Kathleen Gagnon
Sue Garski
Gast Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Mark and Glenda Gast
Frank and Dolores Genosky
Jane Gillen
Robert Godava
Janice M. Godlewski
Bob Golson
Thomas and Mary Gorrilla
Robin and Jim Haenze
James and Barbara Hagen
Angeline J. Haider
Pattie Hallbeck
John and Rosalie Halling
Handshake Referrals - Kelly Rolstad
Theresa Hansen
Robert and Helen Hanson
Carmel Harlan
Gladys Harrer
Thomas and Michelle Harrison
Karen Haubrick
R. C. and Carole Heller
June Hessel
Linda Higgins
Barbara Hill
Jim and Pat Hinton
David and Kimberly Hocker
David and Nancy Hoffmann
Janette Horman
Marion Houle
Marion Hoyny
David and Margie Hreha
James and Mary Hyvare
Carole Iacarella and Family
Anthony and Beverly Iannazzo
Jon and Kathleen Iannazzo
Roseann Jensen
Laura Johns
Carol Johnson
David and Wanda Johnson
Dayle and Kathleen Johnson
Richard and Joanne Johnson
Russell L. Johnson
Susan Johnson
Marlene Jorgensen
Jerome K. Jungquist
Warren and Ann Kaari
Val and Keith Kaaria
Ronald and Cheryl Karnowski
John and Barbara Kattner
Joseph and Dunia Khouri
Jerry and Jayne Kisselman
Mary Louise Klas
Joyce A. Knutson
Constance R. Kollmann
Mary Kraft, CSJ
Susanne Kueppers

JoAnne and Bruce LaMere
Christine Laming
Debra and Peter Lane
Michael and Regina Langason
Donna Larson
Harriet I Lazaroff
Jane Lien
Judith Lindsey
John and Catherine Lloyd
Leo and Betty Loberg
Robert and Kathleen Lundquist
Katherine Lutz
Mary Maas
Joseph and Catie Mack
Kathleen Malchow
Lilah Mangen
Gina and Mike Marushin
Paul and Barbara Maslow
Randi and James Mason
Lori Mastrostefano
James and Tana Mateyka
Victoria R. Matthes
Gerald and Mary Mattox
Ryan and Teresa McAlpine
Susan McBroom
Susan and Dale McCauley
Mary McGee
Francis and Ginny McGoldrick
Patrick and Stella McKinney
Mary Kay McNamara
Charles Melsha
Carol Meyer
Mary Beth Meyer
Wayne and Gladys Mikkola
Minneapolis Area Local, APWO
Eugene G. Miskowiec
John and Karen Miskowiec
S. Craig and Carol Moleski
Patricia and Steven Montague
V. Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Morbey
Robert Morley
Doris Mruz-Partyka
Thomas L. Mueller
Joan E. Murray
Cindy Nelson
Peter and Deborah Nolan
Dorothy Novak
Liz O'Daniel
Maria O'Daniel
Paul and Cynthia Olejar
Carole Olson
Linda and David Olson
June O'Rourke
Frank and Jacqueline Padula
Ann Marie Palmisano, O.P.
Phyllis Parker
Roberta Patrow
James Patterson
Patricia Payne
John Pepera
Dorothy Peschken
Darin and Beth Pilacinski
James and Nancy Pirkl
Mary and Frank Plant
Daniel and Chris Pommerenke
Deborah Price
M. Patricia Probst
Beverly Proell
Silas and Patricia Prok
Michael Randall
Sister Doris Rauenhorst, OP
Mary Jo Ready
Taronda Richardson
Sylvia Rick
Philip and June Riley
Charles and Diane Roberts
Kay M. Roberts
Richard and Barbara Robinson
Eileen Roedl
Peggy Rosenbower
Shane and Rene Roth
Brian and Elayna Rumpza
Gladys Rylel
Jacquelyn Saice
Rosemary Salzwedel
Marie M. Sawochka
George and Annalise Sayer
Ricky and Cynthia Scheevel
Casey and Mike Schleisman
Lori Schmaltz
Larry and Rita Schmid
Jason and Tiffany Schooler
Molly Schreiner
Stephen and Teresa Schumacher
Delphine Schuman
Connie Schwinghammer
Pauline Siepka
Michael C. Sivanich
Sue Sjoselius
Sandra Skach
Gordon and Mary Skillings
Bob and Andrea Sledz
Donald K. Sovell
Eileen J. Spano
Betty Spartz
Sheila Sporlein
Jean Stanley
Donna Stelmaszewski
Charles E. Sullivan and Sandra West
Thomas and Carol Swearingen
John and Dawn Sydloski
Tennant Company
David Thorson
Thomas and Donna Thotland
John E. Toohey
Joyce Traczyk
Mary Jane Urbaniak
Marge Vajda
Lawrence Valley
Tom and Sarah Vance
Leon and Mary Virden
Rad and Tracy Wakefield
Elizabeth Walsh
Frances Weber
Margaret Adamek Webinger
Steven and Kathy Wee
Joseph and Lorraine Weinmeyer
Mary Weise
Howard and Marlene Weller
Jerome and Catherine Weller
Jackie Wichlen
Yvonne Williams
Elizabeth Ann Wizik
Robert Wrubel
Regina I. Zandlo
Jacqueline Zumwalde
David and Lee Zwickey
Antoinette M. Zwolski

Renewing the Spirit Capital Fund Drive

Gifts and Pledges $1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (1)
John and Kathy Cleveland

Michael and Susan Shasky

Gifts and Pledges $100 - $999

Jenifer Bendel-Artman
Marilyn and Jimmy DuBay

John and Barbara Kattner

Gifts and Pledges $1 - $99

Carla and Peter Frantz


Matching Gifts

Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program

Kathleen Miller

Denise Mueffelman
Bruce Nolan

The GE Foundation

James Bendel


JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Christopher Moore


Xcel Energy Foundation Match Program

James Murzyn


Chapel Gifts July 1, 2013 - September 29, 2013

$1,000 - $4,999


David and Mary Ryan

$500 - $999

Barbara Schramm


$100 - $499

Michael and Monica Bianchi
Joseph Cavaleri
Karen Erickson
Robert and Marcia Fjerstad
Theresa Hansen
Diane and Tony Hofstede
Randall Last
Jerome and Pauline McAllister
Elizabeth McDonnell

Margaret O'Leary
Donald Richter and MaryAnn L. Peffer
Marie M. Sawochka
Pamela Schleicher
Richard D. Shupien
Anne Smith
Kim and Bruce Steppe
Robert and Jeanne Tupa

$1 - $99

William and Jane Berens
Joe and Sheila Biernat
Marie Bliss
Stephen and Guadalupe Cismowski
Rosemary and Dennis Drevniak
Joan Dudek
Dorothy Duzniar
Dan and Carol Forby
Guadalupe and Wayne Gysland
James and Terese Hallgren
Kathleen Healy
Lori Hodgin
Patti Hodorff
Jane Kibler
Randy and Carmen Knake
Joyce A. Knutson
Lucille Konkler

Marjorie Kozachok
George W. Loahr
Maria Victoria Magsalin
Marie and Louis Marino
Lyle and Rose McMurchie
H. Lee Pachl
John F. Pitleck
Joanne Rabatin
Rose Mary Schaefer-Kelm
Delores Sikes
Kristine Smyth
Jennifer Walker
Robert and Mary Watson
Sandi Westberg
Teresa and Robert White
George and Donna Wirtz
Antoinette M. Zwolski

Sister Ruth Roland Society

Ken Baltes and Dorothy Elion
Alvina Bartylla
Mary Virginia Betlach
Elizabeth Bonnes Estate†
Lidwina Buchwald Estate†
Donald G. Campagne Estate†
Marion Critelli Estate†
Lucille Damm Estate†
Bernice C. Decowski Estate†
Regina A Dinhoff Estate†
Mae LaVonne Ecklund Estate†
Ada B. Eller Estate†
Dorothy Marie Flynn Estate†
Thomas E. Gainor
Loretta R. Gliniany†
Thomas F. Glodek
Geraldine Grajeda Estate†
Angeline F. Guminga Estate†
Mable Halloran Estate†
Barbara Hedges Estate†
Rev. John M. Hofstede
Mary D. Hungate†
James E. Indrehus
Doug J. Kohlan
Margaret T. Manley Estate†
Antonio Martinez Estate†
John C. Matlon Estate†
Susan McGuire
Thomas McGuire

Barbara Mead†
Agnes Mohr Estate†
Margaret F. Mulcare Estate†
Joan E. Murray
Karlis Neimanis Estate†
James and Cheryle Nesser
Bernard J. Newinski
Bruce Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palen
Anthony J. Pantano Estate†
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clinton Peabody
Adam and Virginia Piecek Estate†
Leo E. Rainville Estate†
Wallace Rainville Estate†
Elizabeth A. Rouleau
Margaretha F. Santha†
Mary J. Schubert
Margaret J. Schweizer Estate†
Stuart S. Seim
Luella L. Simon
Dolores E. Sisson Estate†
Jack Spillane, Jr.
Florence W. St. Claire Estate†
Joseph and Pamela Strauss
Charles E. Sullivan and Sandra West
Eugenia R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Whalen
Alan Winters Estate†
Stanley Wruck Estate†

† Deceased